High-Quality Science Instruction Will Be Essential to Supporting Student Success In 2020 - 2021
Jun 22, 2020


High-Quality Science Instruction Will Be Essential to Supporting Student Success In 2020 - 2021


Hi, Colleague.

Although it is officially summer, I trust that you and your team are working around-the-clock planning for the 2020 - 2021 school year while performing curriculum modifications, staffing, teacher onboarding, and efforts to re-open schools in August. As your team continues to plan for the 2020 - 2021 school year, there are still many unknowns. But one thing that's clear is this year the stakes are even higher, as we are faced to address learning losses/gaps resulting from COVID-19, while still moving each student successfully forward.

In March 2020, several Florida district administrators relied upon Penda Science to make the transition to distance learning and execute their science instruction continuity plan. Penda Science, which qualifies for funds earmarked for distance learning in the CARES Act, helped them maintain strong science instruction during school closures. Here's how:


Fully-Digital Science Instruction: Adopted a hands-on core curriculum? Penda Science is a cost-effective distance learning instructional solution and an effective science intervention tool. As a partner in education, we've made Penda Science available to districts at a reduced price.
Blended/Distance Learning At The Ready: Penda Science ensures science learning & instruction continue uninterrupted, even if the need arises again to transition from in-class to distance instruction. No more learning loss, COVID-slide, or need for 'looping.'
High-Quality Science Instruction & Intervention: Scaffolded, differentiated science activities covering every FL NGSSS standard in grades 3 – 8 and high school biology. Penda auto-assigns activities to students weekly that are aligned to your district's scope and sequence and auto-grades all responses.
'Virtual Science Teacher': Penda Science's Pacing Assistance Service is a 'life-saver' for school admin faced with vacancies, 'out-of-field' teachers, long-term sub situations, and shrinking science instructional time in elementary schools.
Address COVID-19 Learning Gaps/Loss: With access to over 800+ activities covering every FL NGSSS standard, teachers can revisit or 'loop' quarter # 4 FL NGSSS standards from last school year, while teaching standards for this school year.


We hope we can make life — and learning — a little easier for your teachers and students in 2020-21.

Contact Penda for a free consultation and CARES Act special pricing (valid through September 31, 2020).

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