Penda Learning’s Pacing Assistance Service (PAS) assigns students automated weekly activities that are custom aligned with your district/school curriculum, scope, and sequence - no added work needed by district, school admin, or teachers… we do it for you! This ensures that students get up-to-date intervention, remediation, and enrichment on the content being currently taught in their classrooms.

With PAS, teachers are relieved of the burden of assigning and grading work, and are offered the gift of time for other tasks. Instead, teachers can utilize Penda’s class mastery and student mastery reports to plan for differentiated instruction and the individual needs of students.

Pacing Assistance Service (PAS) Benefits:

Penda Learning is committed to working on the teacher’s behalf so they receive formative data in their email inbox every week automatically – without ever having to login to Penda Learning. Specifically, Penda:

    • Aligns to the district’s curriculum scope and sequence so that Penda activities reflect what is being taught in the classroom every week.

    • Creates weekly assignments and automatically sends them out to the students on the teacher’s behalf. These assignments are generally 30 minutes in length in each content area of science and math.

    • Sends emails to teachers each week to remind them that student work has been assigned for the following week.

    • Sends emails to teachers every Monday, along with Class Mastery Reports for the student work completed the previous week.

    • Sends emails to teachers every Monday, along with a Late Report for student work completed the previous week relating to assignments from two weeks prior.

    • Sends emails to coaches and administrators, along with a Grade Mastery Report every month, so they can identify areas where additional support is needed.