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Get to Know Penda Learning

Penda Learning is where science and technology converge in the classroom. Our platform integrates both to make mastery of science concepts possible for every student, no matter where learning takes place. Using Penda Learning, students participate in engaging, gamified science lessons on a platform that makes it easy for teachers to provide exemplary, standards-aligned science instruction in both physical and virtual classrooms.

Penda Learning is built on three main pillars:

Proven Pedagogies: All of Penda Learning’s science lessons are designed based on proven educational pedagogies and incorporate brain-based research to authentically engage students in learning and help them build their skills.

Game-Based Instruction: Our cutting-edge, standards-aligned, gamified platform motivates students — inspiring learning in a contemporary way tailored to today’s digital natives.

Supporting Teachers to Do What They Do Best: Penda’s technology makes it easier for teachers to deliver high-quality instruction by aligning to district scope and sequence, auto-assigning lessons, auto-grading activities, providing progress monitoring data, and more!

Penda Learning is a product of Learning 2020, which is dedicated to identifying pressing, unfilled needs within the K-12 education market and developing technology solutions that solve these challenges in innovative and cost-effective ways that positively impact teaching and learning.

Formed in early 2019 by Brad Baird and Bill Tudor, experienced education technology entrepreneurs, Learning 2020’s current focus is on ensuring all students have equitable access to high-quality science instruction whether they are learning in school or at home.

By delivering standards-aligned science lessons in a gamified technology platform, Penda Learning is working to fulfill Learning 2020’s mission to make better science instruction more accessible to all students, anytime and anywhere.

Our Partners

Penda Learning is incredibly grateful to the following trusted partners, each of whom help us to advance our mission and expand our services to educators:

The Schlechty Center is a private, non-profit organization committed to partnering with education leaders who are interested in nurturing a culture of engagement in their organizations, with the ultimate goal of increasing profound learning for students.

Through our partnership with the Schlechty Center, we offer Engaging Learners with Penda Learning, an online professional development course that will deepen teachers’ pedagogical understanding, dive into lesson design using Penda, and build skills to strengthen student engagement. The Schlechty Center also offers an interactive, online workshop designed to help educational leaders support teachers in the transition to remote teaching.

Founded in 2003, Successful Practices Network (SPN) has worked with schools and districts around the United States to ensure a rigorous, relevant education system for ALL students. SPN’s work focuses on supporting the use of these best practices along with focused data analysis to drive systemic improvements for schools, districts and students.

SPN and Penda Learning have partnered to provide member districts with a powerful combination of professional development in remote instruction best practices and the Penda digital, game-based platform to deliver rigorous online science instruction to students grades 3 –10.