Support Effective Science Instruction Wherever Learning Takes Place
Support Effective Science Instruction
         Wherever Learning Takes Place

Game-Based Science Curriculum for In-Person and Distance Learning

Science mastery is critical for student achievement, but science can be one of the most difficult subjects to teach in blended and distance learning environments. With Penda Learning's online, standards-aligned curriculum, students can continue learning science uninterrupted, whether they are in class or at home. Penda has been proven to raise student achievement and mastery of science concepts by providing rigorous science instruction that engages students through various gaming elements. This motivates students to learn, even when a teacher isn’t in the room.

Penda Science Supports Educators and Students

At Home? In Class?
                  No Problem.

At Home? In Class? No Problem.

Penda’s fully digital platform takes all the guesswork out of the transition between in-class and remote learning. Plus, our automated reports help educators understand student mastery at a glance, no matter where students are logging in to learn.
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Support for Differentiated
                  Instruction, RTI & MTSS

Support for Differentiated Instruction, RTI & MTSS

Penda’s standards-aligned, differentiated activities support Tier 1 instruction and interventions for learners who require extra support. Our standards-aligned assessments and reports provide insightful data to guide instruction, monitor progress and target interventions within a RTI or MTSS framework.
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High-Stakes Test Prep
                  Without the Nerves

High-Stakes Test Prep Without the Nerves

Educators using Penda report that their students build their knowledge faster because of Penda’s fun, game-based format. This sense of play and competition encourages students to practice and develop their mastery, improving results on high-stakes tests.
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Curious How Teachers Are Using Penda? HAVE A LISTEN!

Fifth grade teacher and instructional coach Amanda Borum and elementary science specialist Christopher Linton shared how they’re using Penda to fill science learning gaps, target standards, increase achievement, and foster their students' love for science.

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What Sets Penda Learning Apart

Accelerate Learning with Gamified Activities

Customizable avatars, interactive activities and simulations, and friendly competition between students and classes combine to make Penda both fun and effective — and research shows that engagement is key for memory, self-motivation, and educational success. Students make significant gains with just 30 minutes of independent practice per week, which they can complete anywhere with an Internet connection.

Accelerate Learning with Gamified Activities

Built to Meet Science Standards, Plus Your Scope and Sequence

Penda’s scaffolded, differentiated science activities for grades 3–8 and high school biology are aligned to Florida NGSSS, Texas TEKS and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Our one-of-a-kind Pacing Assistance Service (PAS) auto-assigns activities to students weekly based on their skill level and your district’s scope and sequence. Penda even auto-grades the assignments for you and feeds the scores into your grade book using Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) 1.3 Advantage protocols.

Support Success for All Learners

Whether they're science wizzes or need extra support, Penda automates differentiated instruction for teachers, auto-assigning activities based on mastery and providing students with opportunities to review and practice concepts they’re struggling with. Integration with Immersive Reader, a Microsoft Learning tool, makes Penda’s science activities accessible to all learners, including English learners as well as students with word-reading difficulties like dyslexia.

Support Success for All Learners

Insight to Guide Instruction & Intervention

Insight to Guide Instruction & Intervention

Penda’s standards-aligned interactive assessments help teachers identify where students are at in their learning, target instruction, and monitor progress. Comprehensive, data-rich reports offer class, school, and district-wide insights as well as the ability to drill down to individual student achievement. Regularly scheduled delivery of reports via email saves time and puts data at educators’ fingertips for informed decision making. Custom reports can be run at any time to dive deeper, look at certain student groups, and for real-time progress monitoring.

What Teachers Are Saying

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