First 20 Days Of School: Your August Penda Learning Goal
Aug 24, 2020


August 24, 2020


Teachers, School Administrators, and District Support Staff,

As former educators, we at Penda Learning know (and can sympathize!) that over the next three weeks, you will experience a flurry of events, tasks, changes, challenges, and responsibilities as you settle back into your respective roles, routines, and time tables - not including the added COVID-19 challenges and pressures. From morning bus duty, hall duty, schedule changes, 5/10/20 day counts for FTE, faculty meetings, PLC meetings, and teacher coverage, we know Penda Learning will be the last thing on your mind. Just know that when the dust settles and you're ready for Penda, we are here anxiously waiting to onboard your school, get students and teachers up and running, and support you throughout the academic year. What are we doing in the meantime?


Just like you, Penda Learning staff are hard at work preparing for the new academic year. While our Implementation & Support Services team is busy processing student data to get all courses, classes, and student accounts created for instant use come day # 1, our Professional Development team is scheduling and conducting on-site teacher PD sessions. The Content Development team is aligning our 650+ new science activities crafted specifically for Florida NGSSS to your district scope and sequence guides, while kicking off another project to ensure all science content is editable so teachers can further customize as they wish. Our Product Development team is secretly working on feature/functionality, technological, and user-interface design work, and our Marketing team is full-steam ahead in developing monthly enewsletters and announcements for teachers and school administrators - 2 separate digital and multimedia series!


We know the investment you've made in making Penda Learning a part of your teaching/learning practice and realize the stakes are even higher than last year. That's why Penda Learning's Implementation & Support Services team will be proactively reaching out to you via email and telephone just before your 20-day count (and ongoing) to ensure they receive any outstanding student data, your curriculum documents, and schedule teacher professional development for your school. They are a persistent bunch and won't give up until they have successfully on-boarded and launched your school - "no" and "later" are challenges they gladly accept! On a serious note, however, our team will ensure that your school has been on-boarded and successfully launched by no later than September 25, 2020 to ensure your students and teachers see maximum return on investment from Penda Learning.


We value our educational partnership and appreciate your assistance as we kick off the academic year together.

Corey J. Peloquin

Vice President, Professional Development & Implementation



Each month, Penda Learning highlights a goal to guide students and teachers so they get the most out of Penda. Monthly goals are based upon Penda Learning's efficacy research and latest impact evaluation case study data.



- Submit your school's student data and curriculum documents to Penda Learning Support (

- Create your Penda Learning teacher account & complete 24/7 online, on-demand teacher PD module

- Browse & assign activities to classes

- Introduce students to Penda Learning


Looking Ahead:

- September - set student usage targets/goals (30-minutes of usage per week, 80%+ on each activity), achieve 2 hours of usage per student.

- October - 2 hours (4 hours total)

- November - 2 hours (6 hours total)

- December - 1 hour (7 hours total)

- January - 1 hour (8 hours total)

- February - 2 hours (10 hours total)

- March - 1 hour (11 hours total)

- April - 2 hours (13 hours total)

- May - 2 hours (15 hours total)