An online supplemental resource for science and math that not only gets students authentically engaged in research based pedagogy, but has also consistently been shown to drive results. With over 8 years of independent research across the world, students and teachers can feel confident that using Penda will raise test scores

Key Findings:
  • 77% of RtI students who completed as little as 5 hours on Penda made at least one year’s growth in Math.

  • 78% of all grade 8 students who completed as little as 5 hours on Penda achieved level 3-5 on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) in Science.

Brain Researched Pedagogy

Dr. Dale Mann, Education Professor, Columbia University

Talks about the efficacy data behind Penda.

Key Findings:
  • There are statistically significant relationships between a student’s use of Penda and their subsequent FCAT test performance in both Science and Math.

  • Penda coursework was graded on a 100-point maximum scale. The average of all Math items completed correctly, for example, was 79%. The high proportion of correct answers on the test prep units along with the visual nature and fast pace of the materials help explain student progress and persistence.

  • Penda is helping students in curriculum topics where high schools have trouble attracting qualified teachers – math and science.

  • Students liked Penda so much that 49% of their use was outside of school hours, an investment that powers their learning and that frees up time from the overcrowded curriculum of the school!

The Student and School Benefits of Penda- Efficacy Study on Outcomes of Student-Driven Learning in High Schools: From Remediation to Enrichment for Math and Science

Key Findings:
  • 81% of all 6th – 8th grade students made at least one year’s growth in math with as little as 5 hours of Penda.

  • The middle school reduced the percentage of Level 1 and 2 students by 38% in one year.

  • 100% of all 8th graders who used Penda passed the end-of-course Algebra exam.

Supporting Science & Math Teachers in Reaching Every Student Every Week

  • The gaming platform increases the level of interest of students for math and science. Students love the avatar-based activities.

  • Educators are able to make data-driven decisions weekly based on the automatic progress monitoring reports.

  • Usage by students is automatically tracked for critical time-on-task evaluation.

  • Penda redefined progress monitoring for the district by tracking progress on each Texas Knowledge and Skill (TEKS) standard.

  • Infusion of literacy within the math and science content – important in Texas but also a new requirement for Common Core states. Penda lessons mirror the PARCC standards with compare and contrast activities that emphasize higher order thinking skills.