All Student Can Learn
and Love Science
Penda Special Education

Students with disabilities and learning differences are able to participate alongside their classmates and build their scientific knowledge with Penda’s inclusive science curriculum. Automated or teacher-driven scaffolding ensures content meets students where they’re at in their learning while robust accommodation tools powered by Immersive Reader, a Microsoft Learning Tool empowers students to fully engage with Penda and be successful.

How Penda Supports Exceptional Students

Build Capacity and Mastery — Wherever Students Are Starting From

Every student’s Penda experience is unique to them. Activities are auto assigned and scaffolded based on skill and mastery level. A built-in feedback cycle supports independent learning by providing students with opportunities to review and practice concepts they’re struggling with.

No matter what grade level they teach, educators have access to Penda’s full library of lessons and activities for grades 3–8 so they can scaffold content to address learning gaps for individual students or small groups.

Penda Special Education

Penda Inclusive Classroom

Improve Focus and Retention with Customizable Text Display

When Penda lessons are viewed using Immersive Reader the interface is simplified to help keep students focused on the content. Whether they have reading difficulties, ADD/ADHD, or low vision, students can customize the text display in many ways to help them access grade-level content and be successful with it.

  • Choose to view one, three or five lines of text at a time.
  • Change the background color to increase contrast.
  • Increase the font size as well as line, word and letter spacing to decrease visual crowding.

Support Students Struggling to Read

Students with word reading difficulties, including dyslexia, are able to keep pace with grade-level content using built-in assistive features that help them develop their reading skills.

  • Split words into syllables to make them easier to sound out.
  • Highlight parts of speech in different colors and choose to add identifying labels.
  • Read aloud with highlights so students can follow along.
  • Select words to be pronounced or defined with a graphic representation.

Penda Inclusive Classroom

Penda Special Education

Increase Access for Students with Low Vision

Students with low vision can increase the font size of the text; increase line, word and letter spacing; and change the background color and font color to improve readability. Penda’s lessons can be read aloud in their entirety, or students can select individual words to be read aloud. Students can adjust the speed of the audio as well as select a male or female voice.

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