What's New For 2020 - 2021
Aug 03, 2020


  • Single sign-on via ClassLink

  • Single sign-on via Clever

  • OneRoster auto-data rostering

  • Auto-data rostering integration with ClassLink

  • LTI advantage integration

  • all-new science content for every grade 3 FL NGSSS standard (32 standards, 96 activities)

  • all-new science content for every grade 4 FL NGSSS standard (42 standards, 129 activities)

  • all-new science content for every grade 5 FL NGSSS standard (37 standards, 123 activities)

  • all-new science content for every grade 6 FL NGSSS standard (35 standards, 105 activities)

  • all-new science content for every grade 7 FL NGSSS standard (34 standards, 102 activities)

  • all-new science content for every grade 8 FL NGSSS standard (40 standards, 111 activities)

  • all-new science content for every grade 9 - 12 environmental science and biology FL NGSSS standards (73 standards, 218 activities)

Student User Experience
  • Solid color student activity player skin

  • Students only have access to activities assigned by a teacher or by Penda's Pacing Assistance Service. Students can no longer discover and complete activities that have not been assigned.

  • Students must answer all questions on a question screen before the "Next" button will illuminate, including drag and drop and drop-down question screens.

  • Bug fixes, including blank screen issue and inability to complete drag and drop questions on mobile devices

Teacher User Experience
  • Enhancement to registration process - opt-in/out of automated weekly assignments (known as Pacing Assistance Service)

  • Enhancements to activity organization structure

  • Enhancements to activity filters - filter by grade, filter by activity type (developing, achieving, exceeding)

  • Addition of drop-down question type to Penda's Activity Builder

  • Enhancements to classroom intervention group functionality

  • "Add Learner" option removed from Learners page

  • Bug fixes, including reports filter resetting and leaderboard optimization



Administrative User Experience
  • Ability to assign activities to classes, groups, or individual learners

  • Ability to create school-wide intervention groups and assign teachers to manage

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