TEACHER TIP: Host a School-wide Penda Thanksgiving Break Challenge!
Oct 25, 2022

Create a holiday/school break challenge to get students excited about using Penda!

Use our editable Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break Challenge documents to customize your own school Penda challenge to keep your students learning while on a school break. Get them excited about using Penda and mastering their science standards while they compete for a chance to win prizes or incentives at your school as well as school-wide recognition for their hard work. Click here to download the editable school break challenge documents.

Four easy steps to assigning a school break challenge:
1. Choose the standards and activities you want to use in the challenge.
2. Create one assignment that includes “Thanksgiving Break Challenge” in the name and includes all activities for the challenge.
3. Give the Thanksgiving Break Challenge start and end dates that cover days off for school break.
4. After break, run an assignment report to give recognition to challenge participants and award prizes or incentives.