Penda Learning & Schlechty Center Team Up
Jul 30, 2020

On Tuesday, the Schlechty Center released an article titled "Implementing Quality Distance Learning in a Pandemic Environment" offering sound recommendations and guidance for creating and implementing rigorous, engaging, learning experiences for students during this continued pandemic.

As highly regarded change-agents in K-12 education, the Schlechty Center has over 35 years of experience designing professional learning experiences, tools, frameworks, and resources. Before offering key component "look-for's" and considerations, the Schlechty Center summarized what their center has learned from interacting with educators since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, stating "We have also learned that, in many cases, instructional resources designed for home-based instruction do not align with curriculum standards, and resources designed for in-person classroom instruction often do not work well when used at home. In both cases, the result is learning gaps."

As a proud partner of the Schlechty Center, Penda Learning couldn't agree more with the six key components and considerations outlined by the Schlechty Center. Selecting quality distance learning resources & equipping teachers with transformational PD will be essential for the 20-21 academic year.

Penda Learning ticks all six boxes, making it a well-suited science instructional resource, versatile and at-the-ready to pivot between in-person, blended/hybrid, and distance learning. Find out more - get in touch!temp-post-image