NEW! Penda Assessment Activities
Jul 19, 2021

Penda Assessment Activities - Available August 1, 2021

In collaboration with science teachers, coaches, supervisors, and leaders across the State of Florida, Penda's Content Development Team has developed assessment activities for each grade-level and course, available for the start of the 2021-2022 academic year:

- Grade 3 Science
- Grade 4 Science
- Grade 5 Science
- Grade 5 SSA Prep (focused only on the highly assessed standards)
- Grade 6 Comprehensive Science 1
- Grade 6 Earth/Space Science
- Grade 7 Comprehensive Science 2
- Grade 7 Life Science
- Grade 8 Comprehensive Science 3
- Grade 8 Physical Science
- Grade 8 SSA Prep (focused only on the highly assessed standards)
- Environmental Science
- High School Biology
- Biology EOC Prep (focused only on the highly assessed standards)

Penda assessment activities can be assigned to a class, intervention group, or individual learner and can be used for diagnostic, formative, or summative purposes. Standards-based line-item analysis reports are available for every assessment activity. Teachers, school administrators, and district/organization staff have the ability to analyze student progress per screen for any Penda science activity that has been assigned. This is particularly useful when assigning Penda assessment activities, whereas each screen targets a specific standard (shown below). Data is aggregated among all students assigned, and can be filtered by a specific class period. Clicking on any individual student score per screen (for example, Alondra Alvara who scored 0% on SC.8.N.1.1) will reveal the question, possible answer options, and the student's response.


Additional reporting is available for school administrators and district staff through their Penda admin accounts, showing line-item analysis data for any assessment activity assigned across all teachers in a school, or across all schools using Penda in a district or organization.
All Penda Science customers with a school or district subscription have access to the assessment activities, simply by logging into your Penda Science teacher or admin account, then clicking "Activities".

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