Getting Started with Penda & Online Learning
Gamify Science Instruction for Academic Gains

Getting Started with Penda & Online Learning

Penda’s online platform was designed to be simple for teachers to use, but we also set teachers up for success with on-demand training that provides an overview of the features and functions of the Penda platform and walks through our data-rich reports.

When you’re ready to dive deeper, Penda’s Professional Learning staff can deliver standards-based professional learning experiences — in person or remotely — for teachers, academic coaches, principals, and administrators that focus on increasing effectiveness. These learning experiences offer just the right blend of theory, research and models of human learning.

Support for Educators from Day One and Beyond

On-Boarding and Training

Penda offers many professional learning experiences, both online and on-site, to train teachers, administrators, coaches, and others on using Penda to ensure that you maximize your investment, have a seamless experience implementing Penda, and increase student achievement.

Automat Differentiated Instruction & Student

Penda Travels Anywhere, on Any Device

24/7 On-Demand Customer Support

As simple and intuitive as Penda is, you may still have questions along the way. We’re here to support you around the clock with helpful tutorials, toolkits, articles with commonly asked questions, and live customer support.

Engaging All Learners

While Penda is designed using principles of gamification that naturally engage students and motivate independent learning, in partnership with the Schlechty Center, we offer an online professional development course that will deepen teachers’ pedagogical understanding, dive into lesson design using Penda, and build skills to enhance student engagement.
So Engaging They’ll WANT to Learn at Home

Comprehensive Progress Monitoring — No Matter
               Where They’re Learning

Supporting Effective Online Teaching

Remote teaching requires specialized skills which many teachers did not learn in their teacher preparation programs. In partnership with the Schlechty Center, we offer an interactive, online leadership seminar designed to help educational leaders support teachers in the transition to remote teaching.

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