Delivered on-site or virtually through Penda Learning’s on-demand professional learning platform, “Introduction to Penda Learning” equips educators with the major mechanics of Penda Learning so they can immediately use Penda with students and in their classroom. During this professional learning experience, educators will not only gain an understanding for the major features and functions of Penda Learning, but will complete scaffolded activities via guided instruction, independent practice, and collaborative dialogue. Educators will also gain proficiency in data analysis as they deconstruct a sample Penda Class Mastery Report. Various Penda reports available to educators will also be highlighted while discussing practical applications to an educator’s practice.

Educator Outcomes:
    • Understand the research-based strategies and mechanics that Penda Learning is built upon.

    • Gain student and teacher perspectives of the platform through hands-on experiences.

    • Gain proficiency in data analysis using the Penda Class Mastery Report and relevant next steps using Penda Learning.

    • Explore various Penda reports and learn ways to use Penda through collaborative dialogue.


Delivered on-site, the “Penda Learning Refresher” provides educators that already have an active Penda account with a professional learning experience that blends review and new content. Through collaborative dialogue, educators will discuss their implementations and experiences with a Penda Learning Certified Trainer. Educator feedback will be used to tailor the experience as major features and functions of Penda Learning are revisited in greater depth. Educators will reconstruct their skills and knowledge through guided instruction and independent practice, before gaining proficiency in creating student groups – educators are encouraged to bring recent student data for this activity. Educators will learn how to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of varying student groups (RtI levels 1 and 2, continuous improvement, enrichment) within Penda Learning and explore other ways Penda can be used to support school initiatives, pedagogical best practices, and highest student achievement.

Educator Outcomes:
  • Review and master Penda Learning features and functions.

  • Gain implementation strategies and ideas for various ways to use Penda through collaborative dialogue.

  • Master advanced features of Penda by creating student groups to support differentiation, RtI intervention, continuous improvement, and enrichment.

  • Build teacher capacity and increase Penda usage by exploring additional ways to use Penda Learning.