Language Shouldn't Be a Barrier to Learning and Loving Science
Support for ESOL in your school

ESOL for Science in your school

No matter what language students are proficient in, they can learn and excel in science with Penda. Full integration with Immersive Reader, a Microsoft Learning Tool, provides text and verbal translation of all of Penda’s lessons and activities into more than 60 languages. Tools are also available to help students build their English language skills.

How Penda Supports English Learners

From Newcomers to Advanced, all English Learners can Fully Engage with Penda

Learning science requires specialized academic vocabulary that can be a challenge for even advanced English Learners. Penda’s language support features help English learners develop their language and science skills simultaneously.

  • Choose to view all text in one of 60 languages, translated using cutting-edge natural language processing technology (NLP)
  • Listen to text read aloud in English or other chosen languages with highlight on each word to make following along easier
  • Support English language development:
    • View all text in English and translate just selected words.
    • Slow down the speed of the text read aloud to aid in comprehension.
    • Display pictorial definitions in English and other chosen languages.
    • Listen to the pronunciation of selected words.
    • Split words into syllables to make them easier to sound out.
    • Highlight parts of speech in different colors and choose to add identifying labels.
Language Translator Penda ESOL
Language Translator Penda ESOL
Language Translator Penda ESOL

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