Technology Integration

Penda Learning’s activities and platform integrate instructional strategies identified by Robert J. Marzano in Classroom Instruction that Works, as those that are most likely to increase student achievement in all grade levels and content areas, including:

Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback

Penda activities rely on problem-based learning and frame questions around real world scenarios to set the stage and path for learning. Penda also offers several mechanisms of timely feedback. For example, Penda activities require students to answer correctly before they progress to the next screen. Incorrect answers are met with hints, clues, and tips to reduce student frustration and maintain momentum towards mastery. Furthermore, students are provided with an individualized “My Progress” report in their student account so they can set goals, visualize their time on task, and measure their level of mastery towards academic standards.

Identifying Similarities and Differences

Penda activities require students to identify similar and dissimilar characteristics or examples and non-examples of a topic, which necessitates conceptual understanding of material. Penda activities utilize a variety of question formats requiring students to identify similarities and differences, including drag and drop, moveable text, multi-select, selectable text, and natural language.

Cues, Questions, and Advance Organizers

Penda activities are scaffolded to include cues, questions, and advance organizers at the beginning of an activity to allow students to activate prior learning, alert them to their own misconceptions, and utilize what they already know to enhance further learning.

Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition

Penda Learning’s platform and activities are grounded in the philosophy that student effort should be recognized, as effort is integral to achievement. As students progress through an activity, hints and cues are given to encourage students to remain resilient. Students earn points as they progress through Penda activities, and when the point threshold is met, My Penda World is unlocked for a personalized gaming experience. Students also unlock customizable features for their avatars and earn trophies and medals as they master standards. The Penda Leaderboard also allows students to engage in healthy competition with their peers and establish lofty goals for achievement.

Homework and Practice

Penda activities are a great and fun way to provide students with the opportunity to extend their learning outside the classroom. Since Penda activities may be run on any device with an internet connection, learning doesn’t have to end at dismissal. Penda is successfully used as homework, independent practice, and in tutoring and after school programs across the country. Through Penda Learning’s Pacing Assistance Service (PAS), students are assigned a minimum of three activities per week that are aligned with the content they are currently learning about in class.