All higher level professional learning courses are delivered on-site and designed for educators that already have an active Penda account.

Leveraging the Power of Penda to Influence Instruction

During this professional learning session, educators will collaboratively discuss common challenges associated with differentiating instruction before accessing and applying the right research-based solution. Through guided instruction and independent practice, educators will learn innovative uses of Penda that support pedagogical best practices no matter the class size. Actionable tactics for teacher/student Penda experiences will be presented that educators can implement immediately.

Educator Outcomes:

    • Explore research findings and the impact of data-driven instruction on student achievement

    • Build teacher capacity by developing data-driven instruction protocols and highlighting ‘supporting best practices’

    • Master advanced Penda platform features via groups to support differentiation, RtI intervention, continuous improvement, and enrichment.

    • Gain implementation strategies and ideas for various ways to use Penda through collaborative dialogue.

Gamifying Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Questions

This professional learning experience will challenge educators to objectively evaluate various content-specific questions through independent and small group activities before self-evaluating their own effectiveness in writing HOT questions to advance students thinking, learning, and achievement. Research on higher order thinking, multi-response mechanisms, and questioning techniques will be presented to build educator cognition and transfer of knowledge. Through guided instruction, educators will learn about new Penda platform features available to teachers – activity builder and SHARE. Using Penda’s activity builder, educators will be challenged to work independently to develop their very own Penda activity containing HOT questions using varying multi-response mechanisms. Upon evaluation and finalization, educators can “gamify” their activity for student usage within their school, or select to share their Penda activity district-wide for other Penda users to complete.

Educator Outcomes:

    • Gain proficiency in evaluating higher order thinking question efficacy

    • Self-evaluate effectiveness in developing higher order thinking questions

    • Increase teacher competency in the development of scaffolded, higher order thinking questions

    • Master advanced Penda platform features via activity builder and SHARE to develop teacher-generated Penda activities that contain high quality higher order thinking questions for students to interact with.

Penda - Where Integration Meets Innovation

Effectively integrating any education technology tool into the hands of students is a struggle for nearly all mid and late adopting educators. Yet effective integration directly impacts the fidelity of implementation, efficacy of the tool, and impact on student achievement. Educators will learn how to not only embrace Penda as an instructional tool, but learn how it’s features can help shape their teaching practice through seamless integration. Educators will learn various integration strategies for implementing Penda effectively while being introduced to innovative tech tools found on their devices to use in tandem.