Standards-Based Learning, Teaching & Grading

Penda Learning supports standards-based learning/teaching through instruction, grading, and reporting features.




All Penda activities are aligned to state math/science standards in addition to national CCSS-Mathematics and Next Generation Science Standards. Through our user-friendly platform, users can easily find activities that target a specific standard - just type the standard into the search bar to explore!


Teachers can target a specific standard for instruction or remediation by searching for the standard, then assigning activities that correspond to a class or intervention group. Using district/school formative assessment data, this strategic approach to remediation supports high stakes assessment prep, of which teachers remediate over low performing standards week-by-week with just a few clicks.







Gone are the days of having to wait until a chapter test, unit test, or formative assessment to determine what a student is struggling with or does not know. In this reactive approach, a teacher would teach the content; make the best possible effort to check for understanding of all students along the way; spend hours creating, administering, and grading a test; then figure out how to help struggling students, all while continuing to teach the curriculum as to not fall behind. Students would have to wait a day or more after they've taken a test to receive their grade, which determined if they mastered the content. If they didn't do as well as they hoped, then what?


With Penda, there are no surprises, reactive strategies, or lag-time in knowing where each and every student is in standards mastery! Penda gives back time to teachers by offering standards-based activities that automatically grade and provide students with instant feedback. If the student doesn't master the activity they can retry the activity over and over again, with no lapse in time. They are in control of their learning and Penda activity mastery grades.


Penda Learning offers full transparency to students, parents/guardians, teachers, and school administrators through constant monitoring of a student's progress towards mastery of standards. Students and parents/guardians are able to review progress via "My Progress" within the student account, as shown below.  Penda's 3-tier color coded system helps students quickly identify which activities they've mastered and which they should attempt again:


  • Red - 0 - 59% - not mastered

  • Yellow - 60 - 79% - partially mastered

  • Green - 80 - 100% - mastered






Penda's Grade-Level Mastery report provides school administrators with a teacher-by-teacher, class period-by-class period view of how a teacher's class period is progressing towards mastery of standards covered in the district/school curriculum. This report is sent monthly to school administrators via email through Penda's automated system.



Teachers start the week off receiving Penda's Class Mastery Report, which indicates each students progress towards standards mastery. This automated report delivered via email, gives the teacher a weekly snapshot of where each student is. This provides the teacher the opportunity to be proactive by holding data chats with students and by applying intervention strategies necessary to ensure student success while learning the content - not at the end.