Response to intervention (RTI)

Penda Learning supports the Response to Intervention (RtI) model through its activity structure, intervention group feature, and report capabilities. Penda activities are built to assist in the identification of student learning needs and are scaffolded based upon a student’s level of readiness.

The RtI Action Network cites several components that must be rigorously implemented with fidelity for RtI to be successful, including ongoing student assessment, tiered instruction, and parent involvement. Penda Learning supports district-wide and school-based RtI initiatives by providing an effective, easy-to-use platform to successfully implement RtI through Penda intervention groups and reporting capabilities.

Penda Math RTI

Penda Science RTI


Activity Structure - Penda Learning’s activities are built upon brain-based research of Piaget, Vygotsky, and current neurobiology. Activities are scaffolded screen-by-screen and in their questioning complexity using Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) in order to meet students where they are and provide them with the knowledge and skills to improve their performance. Penda Learning has designed Review, Review+, Real World, and Real World+ activities that allow for remediation, on grade level practice, and enrichment.

Intervention Groups

Within their teacher account, teachers can create and manage intervention groups of which students can be placed into. By creating intervention groups, teachers can then differentiate instruction by assigning specific Penda activities to specific intervention groups. Students can be moved into/out of an intervention group as their progress towards standard mastery increases.


RtI Level 1 – Class Mastery Report - Penda Learning’s standards-based activities and automated Class Mastery Reports simplify the progress monitoring process, allowing the teacher to collectively and individually measure the progress of students in order to make informed decisions about instruction and additional interventions.

RtI Level 2 - Intervention Group Reports - With intervention groups created, teachers and school administrators can also run reports or create custom reports to monitor any intervention group they wish.


Parent Partnership - Penda Learning believes that parents are valued partners in education. As students work through activities, they are provided with real time feedback including hints and tips, as well as a “My Progress” report available through their student account. Teachers, parents, and students can use this data to celebrate successes, set goals, and plan for additional practice and enrichment.

Parent Communications - Penda Learning also offers an automated Parent Communication Letter at the start of semesters 1 and 2, sent to teachers for distribution. This feature supports the parent communication component as part of Title I.