Students ASK for Penda Assignments

How can Penda revolutionize the way we think about assignments?

Assignments are one of the main ways that Penda is used in schools. So the following is NOT a hypothetical vision of the future. This is happening today in Penda schools.

Time is the enemy for teachers

It is a huge challenge for teachers to cover all of the tested standards before the State tests while at the same time differentiating instruction to meet individual students’ needs.

Assignments BEFORE Penda Assignments USING Penda
For Students For Students
  • Assignments are paper-based.  Students don’t enjoy it and frequently DON’T DO it.
  • Assignments are online experiences that are fresh, current and meet sutdents at their level
  • Students see their friends’ avatars and challenge each other, making assignments a social experience
  • Students are TOLD what to work on
  • Extrinsic motivation only
  • Assignments include an element of choice
  • Students go BEYOND the assignments and do ADDITIONAL work – for example, where they receive a challenge from one of their friends
For Teachers For Teachers
  • Teachers may have to push pretty hard to get assignments completed
  • Teachers no longer have to ‘get on them all the time’
  • Collect assignment
  • Assignment collected by Penda
  • Grade assignment
  • Assignment graded by Penda
  • Hand out assignment
  • Instant feedback by Penda
  • Enter in grade book by hand
  • Get scores in electronic form (email)
  • Print scores
  • Print report (received by email)
  • Teachers struggle to find time to differentiate instruction effectively
  • Teachers have the data and the time to differentiate instruction effectively

Authentic Student Engagement

Penda engages the students in their learning through the use of avatars, friendly competition, and challenging content. Completing activities on Penda becomes almost addictive and students enter a state of flow. Students are engaged and learning the math skills necessary to be successful mathematicians and lifelong learners.
Students learn best when learning is active. On Penda, students are active learners and their brains do an especially effective job of processing and retaining the information practiced.
Teachers assign activities for their students to complete and students also choose their own activities.

Mastering the Test Standards with 30 min per week

We recommend that students use Penda around 30 minutes per week, half of which can be assignments, the rest of which can be one of several familiar classroom strategies.

An assignment report is automatically emailed to the teacher showing Mastery, Partial Mastery, and Non-Mastery. Remediation and enrichment activities on Penda can be assigned in class-time.
30 minutes per week provides enough time-on-task for students to master the tested standards before State Tests. On average, using this approach, a student masters one standard on Penda in under an hour.

Pacing Guides

Upon request by the district,  pacing guides that align specific activities from Penda to the district pacing guide are created by our staff. These are provided as electronic documents (typically MS Word .doc format) via the Penda website.