Penda Learning provides a variety of automated reports delivered via email weekly to teachers and monthly to school and district administrators. Custom reports can also be generated in real-time through a user account.

Penda reports help to keep the pulse on standards-based instruction in math & science classrooms within a school or among all subscribing schools within a district.

Report Types & Details:

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  • Audience: District Administrators

  • Frequency: monthly

District administrator reports are available for district-wide implementations with 3 or more schools subscribed to Penda Learning. This monthly snapshot provides district administrators with oversight of each school's usage within math/science and respective grade levels. School data and usage metrics found in this report are especially useful during the beginning of implementation and at key intervals to monitor fidelity. In addition to receiving this automated monthly report via email, district administrators are also provided a Penda district administrator account of which they can access school-level reports.


  • Audience: Principal, Assistant Principal, School-Based Intervention Specialists, School-Based Math/Science Coach

  • Frequency: monthly

Penda Learning's School Administrator Report equips those users who have a school administrator account with a snapshot of school-level usage. The report summarizes student usage including active students, activities mastered by subject area and grade level, total task hours, and percent of usage outside of school hours. The report also highlights top performing students and a breakdown of usage for each teacher within math/science with an active Penda account. School administrators are encouraged to use this monthly report to recognize student/teacher efforts during morning announcements, school assemblies, or school newsletters. School administrators should monitor and encourage grade-level/teacher/subject area usage monthly and problem solve computer/Internet access issues that may be identified through low usage metrics.


  • Audience: Principal, Assistant Principal, School-Based Intervention Specialists, School-Based Math/Science Coach

  • Frequency: monthly

Penda's Grade-Level Mastery Report presents all teacher classes for a respective course and their corresponding average mastery scores for each standard listed on the report. This powerful report helps school administrators analyze and compare progress/performance in each teacher's class periods, especially in accountability grade levels. Especially useful, this monthly report helps employ pro-active interventions (in an isolated teacher class period, among one teacher's classes, multiple teacher classes, or school-wide) more proactively in preparation for high stakes assessment.


  • Audience: Teacher

  • Frequency: weekly

For further in-depth analysis, a teacher or school administrator can log into their Penda account to review student-level standards mastery progress data for each teacher class period by accessing Penda's Class Mastery Report. The Class Mastery Report shows each students individual progress towards standards mastery, as shown below.


  • Audience: Teachers, School Administrators, District Administrators

  • Frequency: as generated

Although teachers and administrators receive automated reports via email, Penda Learning offers teachers and administrators the ability to generate real-time custom reports. Date ranges and filters can be applied to create reports to progress monitor a course, grade-level, class, intervention group, or individual student. Especially useful, this feature allows for efficient progress monitoring over any teacher intervention group or school intervention groups, which may include those most commonly found within annual school improvement plans.

Penda reports efficiently harvest progress monitoring data that can then be discussed in greater detail during professional learning community (PLC) meetings. Use Penda reports to facilitate discussions about data-driven instruction at any level.