Penda Learning’s Home School Subscription Program provides home-schoolers access to Penda’s library of over 800 Penda activities. Home school users can access Penda activities from desktop computers, laptops, iPads, tablets, chromebooks, or Smartphones to complete math and science activities. Using Penda’s Pacing Assistance Service (PAS), home-schoolers are assigned math and science Penda activities weekly that are aligned to State Department of Education framework, with no curriculum mapping or planning necessary by the home school facilitator! However, students always have the ability to browse or search Penda activities by STATE STANDARD, CONTENT AREA, GRADE AND TOPIC, or keyword search. FIVE MILLION STUDENTS AND EIGHT YEARS OF INDEPENDENT RESEARCH PROVES PENDA RAISES TEST SCORES.

Benefits of Penda Learning’s Home School Subscription Program
  • Learn using highly engaging content designed by education professionals – designed upon brain research and content and pedagogical best practices for teaching and learning.

  • Engage in healthy academic competition with other home-schoolers through Penda’s home-schooler leaderboard, student challenges, and digital home-schooler Penda world.

  • Gain competency in completing computational tasks integrated on State DOE high stakes assessments, such as Smarter Balanced, PARCC, or state-equivalent.

  • Penda on the go! Always have access to math and science curriculum no matter where life takes you – home, family travel/vacation.

How Penda Learning’s Home School Subscription Program Works

Pacing Assistance Service (PAS)

Penda Learning’s Implementation & Support Services Team have aligned Penda math and science activities to your State Department of Education standards/framework, providing coverage for nearly every concept/topic of study per grade level.

Concepts/topics are designed and sequenced into a logical progression of course study in which activation of prior knowledge and scaffolding are key in design. This design is also carried through all Penda activities via brain-based research of Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development, Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development and neurobiology.

Upon student enrollment, Penda Learning’s PAS will assign 3 – 5 activities per content area on Friday’s weekly for students to complete at their own pace.

Student Experience
  • Students sign in to the Penda Learning platform and are brought to a student landing page that has a listing of current Penda activities assigned to be completed.

  • Students choose the order in which they want to complete the assigned Penda activities for the week, so long as all are completed by the posted due date.

  • Students work at their own pace, completing each Penda activity – Penda activities typically take 10 – 12 minutes per activity to complete.

  • While working on each Penda activity, students must answer all questions on each screen and check their work before being able to proceed to the next screen. If a student does not answer a question correctly on the first attempt, Penda will provide hints and feedback, providing the student with instant feedback.

  • Students receive points for completion and accuracy at the end of each Penda activity.

  • Students can revisit any Penda activities in an attempt to earn the highest Penda activity score possible.

  • Penda activity points earned accumulate to move the student ahead in the leaderboard, challenge and competitions with Penda friends, and to progress into different Penda worlds. Site features unlock at various Penda activity point thresholds.

  • Students can customize their avatar once a Penda activity point threshold is reached.

Foundation Skills

The Big Game

Earth Space Science

Solar Panel


Solving Problems with Formulas

Life Science/Biology

Meiosis and Mitosis


Find Unknown Angle at a Point

Physical Science

Jorge’s Gift

Penda Learning Home School Subscription Program
  • A Home School Subscription is generally appropriate for home-schoolers, private tutors, and parents who are concerned with individualized instruction outside of a traditional school environment.

  • Penda Learning’s Home School Subscription Program includes 12 months of access to both math and science (over 800 Penda activities) – we never separate subject-area access