High-Stakes Assessment Preparation

Penda Learning has over 800 activities that are written by teachers for teachers and are strategically aligned to national and state math and science content standards. Hence, Penda Learning is a natural choice when considering a supplemental resource for high-stakes assessment prep.

  • Penda activities are aligned to math and science academic standards in 17 states and growing.

  • Penda activities are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for mathematics with activities that support college and career readiness, standards for mathematical practice, real-world application of mathematics, and the scaffolding needed to reach the rigor the CCSS strive to achieve.

  • Penda activities are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with activities that support college and career readiness, the science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and cross-cutting concepts with real-world connections and engaging content.

Penda activities can be browsed by standard, content area, grade, topic, or keyword search on our learning platform. Educators may also download an entire list of state-specific academic standards with aligned Penda activities, available in spreadsheet format, via the dashboard of their account.

The Benefits of Using Penda for High-Stakes Assessment Preparation
  • Penda provides students with the opportunity to practice required standards that focus on relevant content needed to demonstrate grade-level mastery.

  • Penda provides a strategic approach for test prep – students gain additional exposure to relevant content.

  • Penda provides scaffolded activities that may be assigned based on a student’s level of readiness, including R, R+, RW, and RW+ activities.

  • Penda offers students the opportunity to work at their own pace from school or home on any device with an internet connection.

  • Students receive immediate feedback when completing Penda activities, including hints, tips, and “my progress” reports.

  • Students are challenged to improve their performance through Penda’s challenge system and gaming platform.

  • Penda provides an exceptional resource for districts, schools, and teachers to prepare students for high-stakes assessments. The table below provides some contextual examples of how Penda may be used to ensure students are well prepared.

  • The district uses data (standardized, formative, & summative) to identify annually assessed standards and gaps in student performance.

  • Penda and the district work together to schedule a prescribed set of activities for students reviewing these standards through Penda Learning’s Pacing Assistance Service (PAS)

  • Teachers collaborate in PLCs to plan for high quality instruction and use class mastery reports to monitor student progress on activities assigned through Penda Learning’s Pacing Assistance Service (PAS).

  • In PLC’s teachers identify gaps in learning to plan for additional instruction and assign additional Penda activities for reinforcement or enrichment as needed.

  • Schools use Penda Learning in before/after school tutoring, in credit recovery, boot camps, etc. to further prepare students for high-stakes assessments.

  • The teacher uses Penda Learning reports (Class Mastery, Class Mastery, Assignment Mastery, and Student Mastery) to assign Response to Intervention (RtI) groups in the Learner tab of their teacher account.

  • The teacher assigns students additional activities based upon their level of readiness and need for remediation or enrichment.

  • The teacher uses student mastery reports to have data chats with individual students or in parent conferences to celebrate successes, set goals, and ensure students master each standard.