The Schlechty Center is a private, non-profit organization committed to partnering with education leaders who are interested in nurturing a culture of engagement in their organizations, with the ultimate goal of increasing profound learning for students. The Schlechty Center brings change-makers together in collaborative networks in order to provide support to them as they undertake the hard work of transforming their classrooms, schools, and school districts.

Through our partnership with the Schlechty Center, we are able to offer, Engaging Learners with Penda Learning, an online professional development course that will deepen teachers’ pedagogical understanding, dive into lesson design using Penda, and build skills to strengthen student engagement.

The Schlechty Center also offers an interactive, online workshop designed to help educational leaders support teachers in the transition to remote teaching. This two- to three-hour professional learning experience is tailored to your group’s specific needs that are determined by each participant taking a pre-workshop survey.