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Reports of Students Cheating By Opening 2 Windows

Penda Learning's Implementation & Support Services Team have received a few reports from teachers stating students have figured out a way of cheating when completing Penda activities. Teachers have stated that a student can open an activity in one Internet web browser window, then open the same exact activity in a different web browser window. With the two windows open for the same Penda activity, the student will use one of the windows to work question-by-question, testing to see which answer is correct, then use the second window open to select and submit their answers until they've completed the activity in its entirety. The student then closes the web browser window they used to test the correct answers when they arrive on the last screen, ensuring they don't push "Finish."


What You Should Know

If two activities are open at the same time (including in a different browser or Incognito window), an error message will pop up, forcing one of the activities to be closed.