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New 'Closing The Achievement Gap' Filters

New 'Closing The Achievement Gap' Filters - SES, ELL, SWD, Lower Quartile, Ethnicity

Penda Learning's Implementation & Support Services Team has worked in conjunction with Product Development Team in order to develop and release a user-friendly feature to further assist with RTI level 2, school improvement plan goal monitoring, and more efficient reporting requested by differentiated accountability (DA) and Title I school users.

With just three clicks of the mouse (literally!), teachers and school administrators now have the ability of progress-monitoring disadvantaged groups of students in real-time that are using Penda Learning. How? When a district or school starts with Penda Learning, student data is transmitted to Penda of which a district or school can opt to include optional detailed student data such as socio-economic status, ESOL/ELL status, ESE/504/SWD status, and ethnicity. Data is then processed by Penda Learning when courses, classes, and student accounts are created. If detailed student data is provided, Penda will automatically 'group' students enabling the 'Closing The Achievement Gap' filter feature. Once enabled, teachers and school administrators are able to progress-monitor these disadvantaged groups at any time, in real-time by logging into their Penda account then clicking 'Reports' off the top navigation bar, then selecting the appropriate filter.

Groups include:
- Socio-economic status (SES)
- English language learners (ELL)
- Students with disability (SWD)
- Lower quartile - students identified by the district/school belonging to bottom quartile/level 1 and 2 status
- Ethnicity groups - free text


Using Penda and want to enable 'Closing The Achievement Gap' filters for your school? Contact Penda Learning's Implementation & Support Services Team at 888-919-0404, option # 1 M-F from 8:00am - 5:00pm ET or via email at to inquire.