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March Madness - 43 New Science Activities, Improved FL NGSSS & MAFS Alignments, and 40 Activities Improved!

March CONTENT Madness at Penda Learning! Just deployed on March 26, 2017:

• Improvements to FL MAFS & NGSSS Penda activity alignments

• Activity improvements to 30 science and 10 math activities commenced in January 2017. As ongoing work, Penda Learning’s Content Development Team regularly evaluates activities for alignment to state standards, activity design, content accuracy, question complexity/rigor, and multiple response mechanisms that align to computer-based high stakes assessments. Activity improvements are being made to keep Penda’s library relevant and up-to-date. The first set of 40 improved activities were released on March 26, 2017.

• 43 new science activities were created by Penda Learning and were published on March 26, 2017 also. Activity titles include (title/activity type/supporting concept/supporting standard):