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High Stakes Assessment Prep In Action (Miami, FL)


One senior high school in Miami, FL. continues to be concerned about their high school biology EOC and algebra EOC pass rate. Teachers are interested in providing targeted EOC prep review for their students. Each teacher reviews grade-level formative assessment data and state DOE item specs, resulting in a list of standards ranked from lowest to highest performing. The school’s science and math coach have gone to and identified Penda activities that support the standards identified with ease. Each coach organizes the Penda activities onto a calendar, with 3 – 4 Penda activities assigned to students per week. Teachers encourage students to complete the assigned Penda activities, with challenges and incentives issued. Students work on activities before school, during lunch, during study hall, and after school. Students are also encouraged to complete Penda activities at home.


Their Method:

1. School staff/teacher review formative assessment data to determine lowest performing to highest performing standards per grade level or class.

2. Penda activities are paired to standards and assigned to students, starting with lowest performing standards first.

3. Schools provide access to computers so students enrolled in courses with end-of-course exams or high stakes assessments can access Penda activities.

4. Students independently practice content at their own pace in school and/or at home.

5. Teachers monitor student progress and continually encourage and promote the completion of Penda activities.


Reported Benefits:

- Penda provides students with the opportunity to practice required standards that focus on relevant content needed to demonstrate grade-level mastery.

- Penda provides a strategic approach for test prep – students gain additional exposure to relevant content.

- Penda offers students the opportunity to work at their own pace from school or home.

- Students receive immediate feedback when completing Penda activities, including hints and tips.

- Penda provides an exceptional resource for review opportunities: Saturday School, EOC Prep Boot Camp, Count-down to Testing Before/After School Tutorial.