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Getting Ready For High Stakes Assessments?

Here's a quick teacher strategy tip:

1. Analyze student assessment data, such as a district-created formative assessment, grade-level common assessment, unit or chapter assessment, or equivalent assessment where questions are linked to state standards.

2. Identify low-performing standards and rank them from lowest performing to highest performing

3. Chunk them into 3 categories (low - not mastered (0 - 59%), mid - partially mastered (60 - 79%), high - mastered (80 - 100%)

4. Log into Penda and search for Penda activities by standard in the search bar

5. Manually assign 3 - 4 Penda activities per week from now through the week of high stakes assessment administration to a class or intervention group for additional practice and remediation of low performing standards.


Need help with how to search for Penda activities or manually assign Penda activities?

Visit our 24/7 Help Center - browse the Getting Started section.