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Edward A. Upthegrove Elementary School Weighs In On Penda

"Thank you SO much for your level of commitment and your interest in how the implementation has gone. I'm looking forward to beginning the year next year with PENDA especially since most of our 4th graders this year had some experience with the product. I LOVE how truly engaging the product is and the automaticity of the report feature to ensure that I am looking at the reports frequently. I feel like the curriculum is very much aligned with the types of material and questions that the students were presented on the FSSA this year. Thank you so much for developing a product that is supplementing our curriculum in a way that has never before been possible." - Richard Talada, Principal


"I love having the reports sent to me because of my time constraints. I can easily see if I need to adjust my groups [to drive SSA prep and/or intervention]. I know that Penda is impacting student learning because students will show me that we covered the lesson and they make comments like 'we went over that' or 'I remember doing the activity on this subject.' I like how Penda displays the leaderboard because I am able to use that to motivate students. This is an exciting supplemental resource that is an extension to whole group. It's a great break from I-Ready that is voice controlled." - 5th Grade Teacher


"I find Penda (automated student assignments and automated weekly reports) to be very useful. I like that the weekly report is automated. I get the email and can review to check progress and have student conferences. I can foresee that, when we have access for a full year, we will use the weekly reports to drive SSA prep. I do currently use it for intervention. What I like most about Penda is its automaticity. Three new standards are assigned each week and a report each Monday. Students are highly engaged when they are on PENDA. They would like to see virtual labs and integrated games they can play as they earn points. They also really love the competition aspect and the leader boards." - 5th Grade Teacher