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250+ New Science Activities


Just in time for Back-to-School 2019, Penda Learning's Content Development Team released 250+ new Florida science activities specifically crafted for FL NGSSS.


During the summer break, Penda Learning collaborated with Duval, Hillsborough, and Osceola science teachers experienced in teaching Grade 5 Science, Comprehensive Science 3, Physical Science, and High School Biology courses. This elite group of 20 science teachers collectively provided invaluable input, feedback, and teaching/learning expertise, to first identify 86 standards spanning over the 4 courses, all annually assessed by the State of Florida Department of Education (FL SSA and Biology EOC).


For each of the 86 standards identified, 'Evidence of Learning' components were mapped out and clearly defined by way of 3 achievement level descriptors - developing, achieving, and exceeding. This methodical and pragmatic work ultimately lead to the successful content development and design process resulting in 3 unique Penda science activities per standard - 1 activity for each achievement level descriptor.


With over 250+ new Penda Learning science activities now available, teachers can leverage the developing, achieving, and exceeding activities to more efficiently and effectively differentiate instruction, support personalized learning, and optimize Response To Intervention for tiers 1 - 3. Penda Learning is excited to release these new digital science activities to help students reach their maximum potential in science and STEM education.


250+ New Science Activities - Additional Details

- Each activity is accessible using a mobile device, including iPads, Android tablets, and SmartPhones.

- Each activity is editable - teachers can edit the activity to further customize before assigning the activity.

- Each activity clearly defines an objective, 'evidence of learning criteria,' and major vocabulary at the beginning.

- Each activity can be translated from English into one of Google's 200 supported language translations - click here to see how

- Each activity offers a read-aloud capability where a student can click on a speaker icon and be read the informational text and/or question.