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22 New High School Biology FL Standard-Specific Activities!



Penda Learning's Content Development Team just created and launched 22 new high school biology Florida standard-specific activities that focus on the highly assessed benchmarks for biology EOC prep.


Activities have been built for the following standards:

Nature of Science

  • SC.912.N.1.1 Scientific Method

Molecular & Cellular Biology

  • SC.912.L.14.1 Cell Theory

  • SC.912.L.14.3 Cell Structure

  • SC.912.L.16.3 DNA Replication

  • SC.912.L.16.17 Mitosis and Meiosis

  • SC.912.L.18.1 Macromolecules

  • SC.912.l.18.9 Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

  • SC.912.L.18.12 Properties of Water

Organisms, Populations & Ecosystems

  • SC.912.L.14.7 Plant Structure

  • SC.912.L.14.26 The Brain

  • SC.912.L.14.36 Cardiovascular System

  • SC.912.L.14.52 Immune System

  • SC.912.L.16.10 Biotechnology

  • SC.912.L.16.13 Reproductive System

  • SC.912.L.17.5 Population Size

  • SC.912.L.17.9 Food Webs and Energy Transfer

  • SC.912.L.17.20 Human Impact

Classification, Heredity & Evolution

  • SC.912.L.15.1 Evolution

  • SC.912.l.15.6 Classification

  • SC.912.L.15.8 Origin of Life

  • SC.912.L.15.13 Natural Selection

  • SC.912.L.16.1 Genetics


How Each Activity Was Designed/Built:

  • Each activity was built specifically for the standard/benchmark noted

  • Each activity contains between 5 - 10 practice questions, specifically focused on the standard/benchmark - questions are written in EOC/high-stakes assessment style.

  • Each question includes a graphic (non-linguistic representation)


  • Each question offers a read-aloud option to better support ESOL/ELL/LEP and lower level readers. Just look for and click on the speaker icon at the top of the activity screen.


  • Using Google Chrome, any activity can be translated from English into another language by using the browser's built-in translate feature - question and answer options will translate, however graphics will not.

  • As with all Penda activities, each question is auto-graded and will provide the student with instant feedback - all regular report capabilities are available for teachers.

  • All activities can be "copied" then edited/modified to differentiate instruction further or personalize the content if a teacher wishes to do so.


Teachers can gain access to these activities by signing into their Penda Learning account first, then clicking here. We hope these additional resources will further support high school biology EOC prep efforts and have a positive impact on student learning gains.