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21 New Penda Math Activities Released

Penda Learning's Content Development Team announced to its user-base the release of 21 new middle and high school level math activities now available on the Penda platform for teacher and student use. These mobile-friendly activities include step-by-step audio narration that enhances the student experience when completing the Penda activity screen by screen - a strategy employed to assist struggling readers and students of which English is not their native language. The release of the new mathematics activities comes on the tail-end of a massive effort by the Content Development Team in which experts re-evaluated all Penda activity alignments to Florida NGSSS and MAFS state standards. "The re-alignment work was necessary to keep Penda content relevant and tightly aligned to changes in state standards" said Corey J. Peloquin, Penda's Chief Executive Officer, who facilitated the re-alignment efforts. "As phase two, we are now looking at standards gaps and planning to build out our activity collection in both math and science, of which highly effective teachers will weigh in and be involved in the activity creation process" Peloquin stated. "New activities developed will employ best pedagogical practices and cross-walk ELA, science and engineering practices, and standards for mathematical practice when possible. We are placing heavy emphasis on scaffolding of higher order thinking questions and using multiple response mechanisms in our new builds." The launch of new Penda activities is expected to start mid-December with more activities launching in January and February of 2017.