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Students provide feedback about Penda Learning

Recently, seventh grade students in Mrs. Geisbush's classes at North East ISD STEM Academy were asked their opinion about Penda Learning. Here's what they had to say:


"I REALLY like how in Penda you can compete with your classmates. We race to see who can get the most points and all the time we are learning!" - James


"Penda is an excellent way to learn. It really makes homework fun. I log in from my phone and from my computer so I can do PENDA anytime and anywhere. I like the fun features like competing with my friends and changing my avatar. This keeps it interesting." - Adrian


"Penda is a really fun working experience. Instead of working from a book or listening to a teacher talk about math and science, you get to have a fun learning experience. I like the customization of characters and I like learning with my friends even when we are not together. I don’t feel a lot of pressure with Penda and that makes me a better learner. I can work at my own pace in the subjects and areas I need extra practice with and I can do them over when I need to. Penda is a good way to prepare for a test and make sure you know the content you need to know to be successful. I recommend Penda to all who want a better and more fun learning experience. It doesn’t hurt to try something new!" - Aurianna


"Penda is by far one of the greatest websites I have ever used to learn about science and math. I like that the lessons are interactive and fun. Penda has helped me learn more that I could imagine." - Christopher


"Penda is great to use for reviewing anything between math and science. I like to have choices in my learning and Penda gives me an opportunity to choose! I choose Penda!" - Kaitlyn

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